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Watkins Landmark Construction, Inc.

Watkins Landmark Construction, Inc. Newsletter
March 2012
SBPC FIeld Crew
Dear Jody,


of our growth areas as a company that I do not talk enough about is our
self perform / carpentry division.  I can’t tell you how proud I
am of our growing team of carpenters. Led by Rudy Garcia (banner
picture, far right), we have added several quality carpenters that can
handle anything from wood rot repair to framing a stand alone building.
 They have given us the ability to be nimble in meeting the project
specific needs of our clients as well as making us more competitive in
tenant improvement work.  I wanted to start out this newsletter by
thanking our team.  Specifically Rudy, Chuy (banner picture, far
left), Sergio, Alex & Alex Jr.  Great work guys.  I look
forward to keeping you guys busy for many years to come.   
Our featured article is on Alliance Charter School project on Broadway Avenue in Los Angeles where we teamed up with Bouma Construction.
This project is currently in its foundation phase of construction,
specifically the underground parking.  Our site superintendent, Rob
Woolley, has taken some incredible pictures we have included in this


have also updated our Random Notes section with the latest news tidbits
at Watkins Landmark. There are updates and pictures 

Jody James Watkins

Jody James Watkins

on the construction at the Fairbanks Ranch Gates and Guard Houses, Solana Beach Presbyterian Church Preschool TI and Epsilon
TI projects. There are a few other notes that mention an employment
anniversary for one of our first employees as well as great feedback on
our Indian Wells Tennis Garden projects.

always, if you have any comments or questions about this newsletter,
please do not hesitate to drop us an email.  Your comments have
helped shape this newsletter over the years.




Jody James Watkins
CEO / President

Watkins Landmark Construction, Inc.



Foundation at Alliance Charter School
Another Alliance Charter School is Coming Out of the Ground in East LA!


Watkins Landmark Construction is very fortunate to be again teaming up with Bouma Construction on another Alliance Charter School project in Los Angeles.  As we have written about in previous articles, Alliance Charter (or College-Ready Public) Schools is an independent non-profit charter management organization that has grown to 20 high performance small public high schools and middle schools created in Los Angeles from 2004 to 2011.  Ultimately, Alliance Charter Schools plan to grow to 50 middle and high schools in California that will serve 25,000 students.


This project on Broadway Avenue in
east Los Angeles is a two story building above a subterranean parking
garage.  The parking garage is 27,798sf and the 1st and 2nd floors
are another 43,442 sf.  The structure itself is a combination of
shoring, concrete, structural steel and wood framing.  The
subterranean parking garage that is currently under construction has
perimeter walls that are structurally shored by soldier beams and
lagging board.  The shoring was designed and constructed by Western Foundations & Shoring.  Watkins Landmark has previously worked with Western Foundations on the San Diego Jewish Academy Gymnasium and Tennis Courts project.  That project won the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 2009 Outstanding Civil Engineering Award.  

Footing Pour at Alliance Charter School
Pouring the concrete footings after the shoring has been completed.


In order to excavate for the
subterranean parking garage, the soldier beams must be placed and/or
driven around the perimeter of the site to a depth substantially below
the finish floor elevation of the basement concrete slab.  Then,
each beam is filled with concrete to a specified point just below the
elevation of the basement slab.  The remainder of the soldier beam
cavity is filled with a slurry (non structural concrete) that prevents
the dirt from collapsing in the cavity.  Once this is complete,
excavation of the subterranean parking garage can begin.  As dirt
is excavated from the perimeter walls, lagging board is placed between
the soldier beams to retain the surround earth and complete the
temporary shoring system.

Shotcrete Application
Using shotcrete in lieu of cast in place concrete walls
Since lagging board is made
out of wood, the members will deteriorate over time which will result in
the shoring system losing its structural validity.  Hence the need
for a concrete wall against the lagging board.  Watkins Landmark
suggested a shotcrete application in lieu of cast in place (CIP)
concrete walls on this Alliance project due to cost savings.  As
you can see from the pictures above and below, a shotcrete application
process does not require form work on both sides.  It is also a
rather quick application process.



Shotcrete Finishing
After the shotcrete is applied, concrete finishers give the walls a smooth finish.

Our team for this
Alliance Charter School project is Rob Woolley, Site Superintendent, and
Chris Eagen, Project Executive.  We are also starting another
Alliance Charter School project in Los Angeles with Bouma in the next
month called CRAHS #5.  


About Watkins Landmark Construction, Inc.

Watkins Landmark Construction was founded by Jody James Watkins in 2004.  Jody founded the company with the purpose to build landmark projects.  With
every project we build, we want to satisfy our client not only on a
quality, economic and functional level, but a personal level as well.  Furthermore, we strive to build projects that will stand out to the surrounding community as well as our clients.  Hence the term “Landmark” in our name.


Watkins Landmark Construction, Inc.

560 Stevens Avenue

Solana Beach, California 92075


In This Issue
Foundation is Underway at the Another Alliance Charter School in LA
Random Notes…..

Random Notes…..
BNP Paribas Open
celebrated their 5th record breaking attendance tournament in a row
this month.  The tensile structure shown below was a huge hit and
ended up being the social gathering place during the tournament.
 All the early feedback on the structure has been incredibly
positive.  You can see it showcased on our website, as well as Indian Wells Tennis Garden and BNP Paribas Open’s websites.


Under the Tensile Structure
Escaping the sun under the tensile structure at Indian Wells Tennis Garden.

The Verdura walls at our Fairbanks Ranch Guard Houses and Gates project were completed this month.  The walls were designed and built by Soil Retention Systems

Fairbanks Ranch Verdura Wall Profile
A profile picture of the Verdura Wall

Fairbanks Ranch Verdura Wall
Verdura Wall Adjacent to Wetlands

Watkins Landmark Construction is nearing completion on our  Epsilon Systems tenant
improvement project.  Norm Testerman is our Project Superintendent
and Laya Polidori is Project Manager.  Great job guys!



Epsilon Building on Lightwave Ave



Watkins Landmark has completed the Hispanic Ministries Phase at Solana Beach Presbyterian Church.  We are currently building the Preschool tenant improvement phase of the project.



SBPC Trellis
Trellis in front of the Hispanic Ministries at the Solana Beach Presbyterian Church



of our Project Superintendent’s Oscar Iniguez celebrated his 5th
anniversary of employment with Watkins Landmark Construction.
 While this might not be newsletter worthy at other companies,
Watkins Landmark won’t celebrate its 8th anniversary until this October.
 Congratulations Oscar!!!! 



Superintendent Oscar
Oscar at the Heights Development Project




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