design-buildSince Jody formed Watkins Landmark Construction, we have added a strong team of builders to our staffs that have the ability and desire to work on complex and intricate projects.

“I believe that our employees are the building blocks of my company, and the company is only as good as the people I hire.” – Jody James Watkins

This belief has been proven correct by the growth and success of Watkins Landmark Construction. To this day, we keep the highest level of standards in our hiring process. We continue to see each employee as more than a paycheck, they are an integral building block of which our growth is based. Since 2004, Watkins Landmark has continued to grown. In 2013, we opened our second office in Indian Wells. Furthermore, we established our “5 X 20” goal. Simply put, to have 5 offices established by the year 2020.

Since 2004, we have grown from working out of Starbucks located in Carmel Valley into two offices, Carlsbad & Indian Wells, which service all of Southern California. We currently have 3 offices and 80 full time employees. We have built projects as far north as Malibu and as far south as Chula Vista. We have built projects in the urban setting of the Gaslamp Quarter to areas as rural as the Drop 2 Reservoir adjacent to the Arizona border. We have been fortunate enough to build a variety of projects from stadiums to churches, restaurants to office buildings as well as schools and aviation facilities. Based on this experience, we proudly state that ”Our niche is we don’t have a niche.”

The most important aspect of our business is not the projects we build but the relationships we make. Our clients who share the same vision we have of the way a project should be built. It is the quality of the construction process that builds the quality into the project. It is our privilege to build what in many cases is a person’s dream. The many years of their ambition and hard work culminating into an incredible project that will not only increase their business but stand out in the community. A landmark. That is why our motto is “Build to Serve”.